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Beautiful Free UI Kits for Web Designers


Good web design now-a-days entails simplicity , a great UI and responsiveness. The era of ‘over-designed’ sites has come to an end with the evolution of the Web- and Designers are now more focused on producing and creating more simplified designed-websites. Gone are the overly decorated elements such as excessive...

40 Beautiful Landing Page WordPress Themes


If you are looking to gain a good toehold in the online marketplace so that your business can gain further credibility, you should invest your thoughts and money in site creation. Your web platform plays a very significant role in promoting you business and to make sure that you land...

60 Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes

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A WordPress theme gets a coveted status when it lives true to the expectations of the user. Every WordPress user wants a theme to possess good looks and great functionality. The former i.e. good looks is a very subjective matter but if you analyze the current trends you will find...