7 Amazing Tips to enhance conversion rates of your Magento Store

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What are the big advantages of Magento e-commerce stores, that they provide the people all the products of their needs conveniently . They can select from various colors, wide ranges, new designs of their favorite products and learn from the reviews and experience of other people. The overwhelming response by the shoppers gave birth to e-commerce websites.
Certainly, You need to understand the important factors like current market trends, digital shoppers’ interest, existing customers needs to run a successful online store. If you want to improve your online business and increase your revenue, here are some amazing tips for you-

1. Make Your Magento store quickly accessible to shoppers

Your online store’s speed plays a key role in determining your visibility and to get better ranking in search engines. Make sure Your Magento store load quickly and is easiliy accessible.
For better speed, you can compress the file size of your product images using photo editor, minify Javascript and CSS files. Ensurethat you are using a latest version of magento, Enable the Flat Catalog module in Magento Admin Panel.

2. Ensure its compatibility with mobile platforms

Your website must be compatible with leading mobile platforms like android, ios, windows etc. Because internet usage through mobile is increased over the years and it is convenient for the people to use it for online shopping. Hence If you want to increase the number of online customers, and get better ranking in search results, your store must be mobile friendly and optimized for multiple devices of various screen sizes and resolutions. It will definitely enhance your conversion rates as the majority of online deals take place by mobile shoppers.

3. Add better description and images to your products

Your main challenge is to how you will provide a better replacemet to offline shopping which has many great advantages. People can touch, feel and even try out their products from a physical store but this is not the case with your online ecommerce store. Hence, provide more information to your customers for your products with beautiful image display.
You should hire a proffessional photographer as your product image must look professional.You can add the following features for better description to your products:-

 Zoom in, Zoom out
 3600 angle view for better display
 Add a video file
 images from different angles
 product in action or test view

4. Avoid complicated and multistep checkout process

If you want more customers to purchase from your site, just simplify your checkout process. It is seen that online shoppers dislike and leave the shopping cart when they face complicated checkout process. Too much long filling forms and asking for unnecessary information irritates the customers. They leave the cart and search for another shopping portal.
To give your customers a rich shopping experience, use third party extensions like One Step Checkout Extension which is a user-friendly checkout page for your prospective online customers. This extension combines multi steps of the checkout process into a single step.

5. Offer discount and free shipping

Good offers and admirable discounts for your recommended products attract the shoppers very quickly. With the little pop up of discount code, you can catch their attention. Your magento store must be designed in such a way that you can highlight your best offers and discounts on the homepage. You can also add tempting products and products in demand on your website’s homepage.
To allure your customers, always give free shipping option because it leaves a significant impact on your valuable new web customers. It is found that people add more items to their carts if the site offers no shipping charges. This formula can enhance the conversion rates of your magento store.

6. Provide information like rating and reviews

Rating and reviews play a key role in buying process for the online customers. Product’s rating with positive review is the powerful piece of social proof that encourages the people to buy a new product from an online store. To build a trust between your brand and customers, provide genuine reviews.
Most of the reviews are positive and people agree that reviews for their desired items convince them that they are choosing the right product from a online store. Try to provide good quality products and create reliabilty, as negative information about your products will result in a bad reputation and as much as 80% of the shoppers change their mind after reading a negative review.

7. Add multiple safe and secure payment options

To make your website user friendly, you should provide safe payment gateway with multiple options. You can provide options like paypal, credit card, debit card, Net Banking, Mobile banking etc depending upon your target customers. If you want to compete with other stores, you must ensure secure and safe dealing.In this way, you can instil the confidence in your customers.

Summing up

No doubt, Magento is an amazing eCommerce development platform for your online store but your webstore must have reasons for online shoppers to land upon and shop over and again. The above mentioned points will definitely help you for higher conversions and making more outcome from your online stores. Apart from this you can develop some magento extension including Best-selling Products, Customer Also Viewed andOut of Stock Notification to makemore sales and revenue for your Magento store.

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