7 Reasons to go with Android App Development for Developers

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It has been observed that people who have certain app designs in their mind and are fluent with the programming environments often get stuck while choosing a platform between Android and iOS. And most probably, this might be the reason, why you are reading this post.

Indubitably, Apple has revolutionized the mobile realm by introducing incredible touchscreen Smartphones and a huge application space. Its integral mechanism facilitates monetization and makes iOS a great app development platform. In between, Android has emerged as a big competitive to Apple. The fluctuating user behavior and incredible offerings of Android made it a great platform.

Now since, there is no dearth of applications in the app stores, for developing a successful application; you need to concentrate on the creativity, better UX and most importantly a prolific platform. Thus, it’s worthy to thoroughly review the platform and its benefits before beginning the development task.

The recent studies and surveys have depicted that Android is the most viable choice for the majority of mobile app developers. There are several benefits that help Android attract developers across the globe. Let’s have a look at some of the points to go with the Android app development.

1 Open-source Platform:

Since, it is an open-source platform, developers can review the code of an Android application as and when desired. This allows the community to rapidly contribute to the Android development. Moreover, it helps develop an application in a cost-effective fashion.

2. Prolific Development Framework:

Google makes strive to keep the Android platform updated with latest technicalities and superior functionalities. It offers resourceful development tools, the powerful SDK (Software Development Kit). You can deploy your application efficiently over a wide range of devices including Smartphones, tablets, etc.

3. Involves Secure Java Programming:

Android platform is based on Java programming, which ensures outstanding performance and robustness of Android applications. Most importantly, security is the reason that has made it a viable option among its competitors.

4. Features A Huge Audience Base:

Since, the Android OS is preferred by the majority of the giant mobile phone companies including Samsung, Ericsson, HTC, Motorolla, LG and a lot more. These companies boast a plethora of Android-based mobile devices to target plentiful audience (from lower to upper class). The majority of mobile devices offers incredible features at affordable prices.

5. Fast and Agile Turnaround For Updating Apps:

It is hard to keep up with the ever fluctuating market demands. Developments have been made on a regular basis, thus developers demand a platform that allows them to rapidly make updates and refine their app with superior functionalities and frequently deliver upgraded iterations to their potential consumers. Unlike iOS that needs approval for every app update from the App Store (which can consume a lot of time), Android applications can be efficiently refined and upgraded as and when desired with the Google Play Store.

6. Open Marketplace For Selling Your Applications:

Once your application has been developed, you can launch it publicly via the Google Play Store. You can easily target a huge audience base, by simply publishing your application in the Play Store. It is completely free of cost and there is no licensing or approval required. Thus, you need not make additional efforts for releasing your app.

7. Google Play Store Augments The Probability Of Getting Greater Number of App Reviews:

The trends show that Android applications get more reviews than any other platform including iOS. There are numerous factors that contribute to this feature. Here are some of them –
• The UI of Google Play store is more intuitive and enticing comparatively.
• It is easy-to-implement.
• The application rating is asked on the very same page and “Review” CTA is represented via an eye-catchy button.
• Allows easy interaction between developers and their app users, as it enables developers to reply user reviews.

The aforementioned are a few of the advantages of the rapidly growing mobile platform, Android, that are greatly contributing to its popularity across the world. Its utile features make this platform a much sought after choice not only for the developers, but for the users as well. Step on the Android peddle and reap the benefits of the amazing popularity and incredible benefits.

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