Answering Your Question – What Is Salesforce?


Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool (CRM) that is a cloud computing platform and a social enterprise tool that is used to keep track of customers, prospects and sales levels of a marketing track.

On the average, sales organizations who use Salesforce have averaged a 27 percent increase in sales revenues, a 32 percent increase in lead conversions, a 34 percent increase in the satisfaction of customers and a 56 percent faster deployment rate.

What Is Salesforce – General Information

The first thing we need to say when answering the what is Salesforce question is what this company is all about. It originated in San Francisco in 1999 by Marc Benioff, a former executive with Oracle. Salesforce has evolved into many varied platforms and applications, but it is still best known for its CRM capabilities and results. The various sections of the product are Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, and

The contact information is managed by Sales Cloud which also manages the integration of social media and customer collaboration on a real-life basis through Chatter. A call-center like tracking center is handled through Service Cloud and there is a plug-in relating to Service Cloud for analytics and networking. Radian6, a mentoring and marketing app for social media is offered through Marketing Cloud. is a platform developers can use to create and related applications. includes a program called Rypple which is an HR performance management application.

Today’s marketing environment is a demanding and detailed collection of very sophisticates actions and some not so sophisticated. What is Salesforce designed to be – to catch every nuance so that elusive prospect can be tracked and communicated with in just about every venue he or she is involved with.

Number One CRM Platform

Salesforce bills itself as the world’s number one CRM platform that can be utilized totally and entirely over the internet, as there are no programs to buy, manage or set up. An individual just logs in and can immediately get to work.

With this program, very detailed information and data can be kept and retrieved instantly which can be a real advantage in the sales and marketing space when data is needed to get the jump on the competition. For example, if you know that the competitions earnings are down, there must be a reason, and it can be easily found and exploited.

We live in a database world, where information is necessary to function at a high level. Salesforce is also the ultimate CRM as it really works on an enterprise level which encompasses several entities at the same time along the chain of events.

If a salesperson gets an order for a large quantity of goods, he can check manufacturing and warehousing to see when a shipment might be occurring in the future. If people have access to information, and the information is accurate, they can be much better at what they do.

The very nice thing about knowing what is Salesforce is that you can use it whenever you want and on any device you want. It is readily available on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Having good information on the go can be priceless.

Scheduling, meetings on the move, and everything else in between is mere child’s play for this robust database from the cloud.

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