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Sunalini Rana is a working mom, who left her stable career as a human resources manager to pursue her dream of becoming a professional blogger. She's self-taught in web design and photography, and always loves learning new things and helping others along the way. She also has an unhealthy passion for delicious food like pizza and burgers.

35 Creative WordPress Themes


If you are working in a creative niche, it is very important that you make use of creative WordPress themes as they will complement your site/blog quite well. Of course, it is not that simple to define creative niches as every segment is creative in its own way but if...

60 Best WordPress Blogging Themes


As a WordPress user, it is not really difficult for you to start a blog or website because the content management system has eased the entire process that goes into the creation of a blog/site. You no longer need to fiddle with the code and other programming mumbo-jumbo which is...

70 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

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Speed became a very sought-after feature of WordPress themes after Google started taking it into account to rank sites and blogs. Today, WordPress users give as much attention to the loading time of a theme as other features. They know how important it is to impress search engines and get...