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Speed became a very sought-after feature of WordPress themes after Google started taking it into account to rank sites and blogs. Today, WordPress users give as much attention to the loading time of a theme as other features. They know how important it is to impress search engines and get a good rank. However, this is not the only reason behind WordPress themes for speed becoming so popular and coveted. The rising competition and the short attention span of internet users is also a very potent cause that has led to the rise in the demand graph of speedy WordPress themes.

So, how do you go about selecting a suitable speedy template? Well, there are lots of sources and this place is one of them. Here we have created a cool collection of 70 best responsive wordpress themes. They are not just speedy but well studded with sought-after features such as responsive design, SEO optimization, cross browser compatibility, etc. What is more, the themes belong to different segments such as blogs, eCommerce stores, business, directory, etc. Now, you know, you just cannot afford to give this collection a miss. So, check it out and have a gala time.

1. OnePage

Looking for a solo page theme that is speedy, stylish and all those things you need to make your audience take notice of your content? Here is OnePage. This $35 theme comes with a creative Drag and Drop homepage layout, unique blog layouts, responsive design, clean layout and many more things.

2. Fontana

Fontana is a super responsive, retina ready theme that is built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. It offers a clean, modern and interesting design, packed with the super powerful TouchSize Layout Builder. The template is very fast and loads effortlessly on diverse viewing platforms.

3. GoMedia

GoMedia is a latest magazine theme with a modern, elegant design and fully responsive layout. The theme is suitable for personal blogs, community blogs, online magazines websites, news websites and those who emphasize on content. It is well aware of the need to have speed and makes for a brilliant pitch in this respect.

4. Minimalia

Minimalia, from MyThemeShop, is an amazing, mobile friendly WordPress theme which mixes aesthetics and functionality in the most brilliant fashion. The theme has a beautiful and clean design which aids its loading time and thus, invests it with an enviable speed.

5. Zeon

Zeon is a premium eCommerce WordPress theme that offers clean, modern, responsive design and a complete set of powerful eCommerce features that will increase your sales and also satisfy your customers. The template is very well designed, integrated with WooCommerce and thus, offers you great speed for just $44.

6. Diamond

Released on 16 June, 2014; Diamond is a multipurpose WooCommerce and Business Directory theme that suits small business owners. It is very easy to install and comes packed with the most amazing features including superb speed. The theme is a total package and you will not find it wanting from any angle.

7. Cabanas

Cabanas is an ultra fresh Portfolio theme that was created on 1 July, 2014. This $49 theme from MojoThemes is ideal for Freelancers or Agencies. It is fast, customizable, feature-rich and thus, a totally terrific choice for all those who want to be the frontrunner in this competitive niche.

8. Lumiere

This one is a dynamic theme, powered by HTML5 and offering a series of vibrant and professional video backgrounds, from DownLoops. Lumiere, the $49 theme, from RocketTheme, is a livewire and imparts the same energy and excitement to your site. What is more, it loads lightning fast.

9. WP-Bold

The $59 WP-Bold is an elegant, modern WordPress theme that has been designed to help you and your brand shine brightest. Its multiple featured content sliders and home page layouts give you numerous styling options and you can easily use them to your advantage. The theme is very fast and coded with the most up-to-date technology.

10. Delivery Lite

It is time to say goodbye to all the featurebloat and embrace speed. Delivery Lite is a customizable, easy-to-use WordPress theme that offers you exactly what you need. Just get it installed and you are ready to change the world.

11. Cuisine

Cuisine, as the name suggests, is a Directory theme for restaurants. It is very stylish and comes packed with great modern features that will make your restaurant becomes a hot spot for food lovers. The theme is also fast and hence, takes very less time to load.

12. Carter

The $80 Carter is a one-of-a-kind theme that utilizes jQuery Masonry to layout your blog posts and exchange products. The theme is very easy to use and gets going within seconds of getting installed. You will definitely admire its speed and functionality.

13. Waves

Loaded with alternate post list layout and infinite color options, Waves is a wonderful WordPress tumblog theme. It is very smart and easy to use. The features are completely contemporary and its speed is also top notch.

14. Novomag

Novomag, from OrangeThemes, is a powerful and pleasing theme that will make you fall for itself as soon as you are done with the demo. The theme is very easy to use and customizable with all the coveted features in place. Speed is also a great characteristic of this template and makes it all the more sought-after.

15. NewsTimes

The $35 NewsTimes is a pixel perfect, attractively designed and ultra responsive WordPress theme that comes with hand-written HTML5/CSS3. It loads super fast and features SEO optimization. The template is an amazing choice for all the blogs and sites that are looking for speed, style and substance.

16. Resort

Sporting a clean, simple color palette; this business theme comes with an ever present fixed header navigation and WooCommerce support. Priced at $79, the theme is very easy to customize and comes loaded with all the features that are needed to showcase your shop or services in a classic manner.

17. Madison

If you are looking for a fun and easy-to-use theme with nice functionality then Madison is here. This full-width theme come with built-in Exchange styles, multiple alternate module styles and several post-format styles. Loaded with great speed and classic customization, the template is worth your money and investment.

18. Bitcrunch

Focused on content, Bitcrunch is a personal blogging WordPress theme. With it, you can create a unique platform and also enhance user experience. The theme is laden with custom colors, widgets and different page layouts. It is also fast and makes your site load in very less time.

19. Spectrum

Spectrum mixes visual appeal with content-centric approach. This feature-rich theme is also integrated with plugins like WooCommerce, Sensei and Projects. As far as speed is concerned, it can go places and create a rock star out of you.

20. Eco Recycling

Here is a green and groovy theme that goes by the name of Eco Recycling. It focuses on ecology and recycling. With it, you can create almost unlimited amount of different and unique page layouts. The template is fast, flexible and fully featured.

21. Purpose

Extremely easy to customize and setup, Purpose is a must-have theme that can serve several purposes. It is compatible with WooCommerce and goes great on all viewing devices. Priced at $69, the template performs exceptionally well when it comes to speed.

22. Corner

Meant for creative professionals, Corner is a modern theme that comes with infinite scrolling like Pinterest. It is very well-aligned with contemporary features and you will find it super speedy. The template is certainly a must-watch.

23. Anacron

Loaded with amazing visual appeal, highly adaptable style and engaging theme, Anacron is a theme that will floor you with its qualities. It comes with clean code and thus, the speed is class apart.

24. Blackbird

Blackbird is a clean and unique theme that makes your business website look professional and can attract your visitors in an instant. The template is ready to be used on diverse viewing platforms and you can get started as soon as you bring it at the backend.

25. WP-Enlightened

The $59 WP-Enlightened is a very attractive and versatile theme that comes with responsive design and flexible layout. It is very smart and loads like lightning on all the viewing devices. You have to watch out this template.

26. Music State

Music State is for music lovers and the theme is also integrated with BuddyPress. Its useful social features, trendy grid layout and other attributes make it a suitable contender for your site/blog and you can easily bank on it.

27. Sensational

The $35 Sensational justifies its name and is loaded with the ability to bring out the awesomeness of your blog to the fullest. It is very easy to operate and can also be customized to suit your needs. The template is a perfect fit for showcasing your content.

28. Flores

Flores is a super rich theme with its own Banner system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code. It is very fit and completely in sync with modern trends. You will admire it a lot.

29. Personality

Personality is an exclusive theme that caters to all those who want to inform their audience of their skills, background, or just who they are as a person. The theme carries all the modern features and brings for you the best speed so that you are there at the earliest.

30. Locations

Locations is a dashing Directory theme that lets you start your site in minutes. It comes with all the attributes that make you a sought-after destination and the best thing is that the template loads in the blink of an eye.

31. Jmax

A plethora of features decorates Jmax which is a responsive Blog, Magazine and Review WordPress theme. The theme also offers a huge range of styling options and the speed is admirable as well.

32. Scroller

The clean and crisp design of Scroller gives it amazing speed. The theme is ideal for business websites, online studios, and users who want to showcase their work on a beautiful portfolio site.

33. Stratos

Stratos comes with a visually interactive design, CSS effects that make theme elements to pop in a three-dimensional manner. This $49 theme is very classic and you can mold it in any manner you want. What is more, the speed is superb and brings your site to life in minutes.

34. Creative

The $40 Creative is a single page portfolio theme that blends maximum functionality and easiest implementation process. The theme offers Ajax based portfolio, revolution slider, parallax scrolling and many more attributes.

35. iCook

iCook is a $34 Food/Recipe WordPress theme that fits cuisine related sites. Its clean, responsive design and other features have been specially created to serve your delicious site and you will like it a lot.

36. Storefront

Do watch out this simple, clear, and customizable theme that has been crafted to serve eCommerce segment. Storefront is fit for all, whether you are a beginner or a developer. The template will definitely please your customers as it loads in very few seconds.

37. University

This special theme has been designed for education niche. Its eclectic design and lots of custom HTML elements make it stand out from the crowd. The theme is very stylish and fully functional. It has been designed to catch attention and thus, loads in mini seconds, offering everything on platter.

38. WP Newspaper

WP Newspaper, as the name suggests, is a newspaper style WordPress theme that has all the features of a newspaper site. It offers a unique newspaper layout along with many other coveted features. The theme is quite fast and gets going very effortlessly.

39. Lovers

The $39 Lovers is a very unique and fully functional Music WordPress theme. It comes with a clean, bold, unique design and a complete set of features to power your music related website. The theme is very smart and will serve your purpose to the hilt.

40. Glamour

Glamour, from MyThemeShop, is a one of a kind theme that gives minimalism a new definition with its splash of color. Its multiple column post display, clean design and the ability to customize almost everything give it an edge over others and also make it super fast.

41. Blogoma

Blogoma is a $40 simple blog theme that understands the needs and requirements of present age bloggers. It is responsive, customizable, SEO optimized, speedy and many more things. It is a complete latest package that will definitely cut ice with you.

42. Exclusy

The $49 Exclusy is a minimal portfolio theme that will give your website a fresh new look. The theme is very strong and can showcase your work in the most appealing manner. All its features are up-to-date and you will really love it.

43. Vermilion

Vermilion, a RocketTheme launch, is a very balanced theme that can suit many types of sites. It is completely functional and you will find its speed exceptionally praiseworthy. The template has got all that it takes to impress search engines and audience.

44. Splash

Loaded with truckloads of features, Splash is a bright and beautiful theme that also lets your audience review and rate products or services, all using the built-in review feature. This $35 MyThemeShop product is definitely a must-have in 2014.

45. Loft

Easy to manage, customer friendly and all those things that make a modern eCommerce theme; Loft can take you to lofty heights. This WooCommerce enabled theme is optimized for conversions and as far as speed is concerned, loads like lightning.

46. Uberto

The $39 Uberto is a clean, minimal theme with an outstanding design that presents your content in a very different way. It supports video and audio along with your standard posts, custom widgets for author description and social support. The theme is also super speedy and never keeps you waiting.

47. Journey

Focused on travel and trips, Journey is a niche theme with a sleek design that is perfect as a travel blog or magazine. It is quite smart and strong with all the tools sharpened well so that the template strikes chord with every visitor and audience.

48. Nexus

The $69 Nexus is a versatile magazine theme that focuses equally on design and functionality. It gives you total control over your pages and also loads in record time. You will really have a great time with it.

49. Healther

The $40 Healther is a medical and health WordPress theme. Its attractive design, great functionality and responsive layout make it super strong and suave. You will really admire it.

50. Depot

Depot, from MojoThemes, is a $49 responsive Corporate Business theme that comes loaded with modern features and customization options. It is very fresh and was created on 17 June, 2014. Its speed is also top of the line and gives you great service.

51. Pinshop

Pinshop draws inspiration from Pinterest and this eCommerce theme is very cool and customizable. The products load infinitely as you scroll down the page and the pace is so smooth that you can feel nothing but a desire to come back again and again.

52. Memorable

Memorable is a business-focused, fully-featured and customizable theme. Like its name, it gives your site a memorable look and feel. The template is responsive and loads in very less time on all screen sizes and resolutions.

53. Flatpack

This multipurpose WordPress business theme is ideal for any business and is highly customizable. It is fully-featured and also compatible with WooCommerce. You will like its speed and your clients and customers will be also impressed with its performance.

54. HotelMotel

This is a stylish and attractive theme that has been designed for hotels. It is responsive, super flexible, cross browser compatible, SEO optimized and carries all the best practices of WordPress. The speed is also commendable and performs perfectly on all monitors and mobile sizes.

55. Mesh

Here is a neat and well-structured $59 portfolio theme with a focus on full screen media. It is suitable for artists, designers, photographers and other creative types. All its features follow the current trends and the speed of the theme is also noteworthy.

56. Hudson

The $44 Hudson is an engaging eCommerce WordPress theme with minimalist, modern, clean design and a complete set of powerful eCommerce features. The template is very versatile and can go with blogs, eCommerce stores. Its loading time is also less and brings everything in front of you quite quickly.

57. Photogenic

Photogenic is dedicated to the photography niche. It is fit for all; whether experts, instagrammers or casual photographers. The template adapts on all screen sizes and loads like a breeze, giving you an experience that you will cherish forever.

58. Caps

The $45 Caps is a mobile friendly News/Magazine WordPress theme that utilizes Bootstrap framework. This theme was created on 27 June, 2014 and is fully compatible with major browsers and screen resolutions. Its loading time is also less and renders all your content beautifully. Do go for it.

59. Frozen

Frozen is a multipurpose responsive WordPress theme with five different background images for Titlebar with custom option, Flex Slider and Responsive design including menu. The theme is a smart modern choice with great speed attached in its DNA.

60. MagXP

MagXP, from MyThemeShop, is a very cool and strong Magazine WordPress theme that is also open to customization and modification. The $35 theme is a powerhouse of features and includes the much-coveted speedy delivery that all seek in a quality theme.

61. WP-PinUp

WP-PinUp is a landing page theme that is based on the Pinterest-inspired layout. It is very smooth and fast which makes website browsing a joyful exercise for your customers. So, check it out, take a demo and if satisfied, bring it home as soon as possible.

62. Hadron

Hadron, from RocketTheme, is a contemporary and flat design theme with rich animations. It provides a modern, corporate approach to your site and the best thing is that the speed of the site is also remarkable. This $49 theme is definitely worthy of your money and attention.

63. VideoMag

VideoMag is a powerful mobile friendly Video WordPress theme designed for video magazine, video blog or video portal. The theme also supports videos from Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch and self-hosted videos. Priced at $45, the template offers top notch support as well as speed.

64. Blox

The $59 Blox is a pleasing and powerful portfolio theme that makes your work gain maximum attention. It comes with features such as custom backgrounds, accent color control, multimedia, post format support, responsive design and many more attributes. The theme is certainly worth a try.

65. Dusco

The $49 Dusco, from MojoThemes, is a minimal, black and white theme. It is very distinct but all its features are contemporary and serve you in the most efficient manner. The template can make your site work wonders on the audience and the search engines.

66. Bryant

Bryant is an exceptionally clean, beautifully crafted theme for Builder. Featuring built-in Exchange styling, custom module styles and a responsive design, Bryant is perfect for your WordPress website. Its speed is superb and makes for a quick loading site experience.

67. Webmarket

Webmarket is a $55 eCommerce theme that has been created by professional designers and comes with the best of design and functionality. The theme is very feature-rich and utilizes the best WordPress practices to give you good speed and great performance.

68. Herringbone

With powerful settings, WooCommerce support, responsive design and super cool speed; Herringbone is an ultimate eCommerce theme. It is built on Bootstrap and also retina ready. The best thing about the template is that it can be also used as a normal blogging theme.

69. BlackWell

Meet BlackWell- a super professional One Page Business theme with an extremely eye catching look and useful features. It is very easy to install and gets up and running the moment you give it the command. The speed of the template is also classic and brings everything to life in simple and easy steps.

70. Schema

Schema, from MyThemeShop, is a quick loading, ultra-SEO friendly and strong WordPress theme. It comes with all the best features of MyThemeShop and offers superb speed, no matter what the viewing device. What is more, you can avail its services for just $35.

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