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As a WordPress user, it is not really difficult for you to start a blog or website because the content management system has eased the entire process that goes into the creation of a blog/site. You no longer need to fiddle with the code and other programming mumbo-jumbo which is no less than a headache. WordPress themes developers are there to help you out with their versatile themes that they design keeping in kind all the latest trends and changes in mind. Now that we have entered into 2014, it is very much necessary that you choose a contemporary theme for your blog.

This is to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. Choosing the best should be your priority and this is why you must focus on best WordPress blogging themes for 2014. These themes are fresh, creative and technically sound. They are responsive i.e. they feed your content in a readable manner on all screen sizes. They also use HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The most important and attractive thing about them is that they are very user-friendly and give you a great deal of flexibility to customize things as per your needs and requirements. So, here is a beautiful collection of 60 ripest best WordPress blogging themes for 2014. Take a look.

1. Spike

Made with utmost attention to detail, Spike is a marvelous theme from MyThemeShop that is bright and colorful. Packed with a sleek post slider, all the cool widgets and shortcodes, plus the best optimizations; it is sure to rock.

2. Frequency

The rich hand drawn styling of Frequency sets it apart from others. Carrying multiple cool features, the theme is a perfect base for your blog, event or any kind of quirky website creation.

3. Expedition

If you have a travel agency, travel and city guide, review website, etc. Expedition would serve you fine for it has been designed to meet all your needs and requirements.

4. Monospace

The multipurpose and multifunctional WordPress themes are the in thing in 2014. This is why MyThemeShop developed Monospace. It is a uniquely designed WordPress theme that is fully customizable with unlimited color variations and a load of features.

5. BlogSpring

Built by InkThemes for $55, BlogSpring is a theme that will bring in new life into your blog just the way spring brings in new life into trees. It will make you blog more socially alive.

6. Magma

Bubbling with many fantastic features that make your blog more readable, stylish and credible, Magma is a great theme from ThemesKingdom. It is fully responsive, customizable and comes with multiple support resources.

7. Style Magazine

As the name suggests, the $45 Style Magazine is a stylish blog theme that gives you an edge over others. Built with latest technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery, it is worth your money.

8. GoBlog

A creation of ThemeForest that comes at the price of $45, GoBlog is a responsive and rewarding blog style WordPress theme. It supports 8 post formats (Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Image, Status and Audio).

9. MinBlog

Ideal for all types of bloggers, you can use MinBlog to create all kinds of content in an impressive and interesting manner. It has been developed by MojoThemes and comes for $49.

10. Pinable

There are many bloggers who want their blogs to carry the popular and pretty look of Pinterest. So, here is Pinable, a product of ThemeJunkie priced at $50 that supports various theme post types (Audio, Video, Gallery, Quote, Link, etc.).

11. TheHealth

If health, fitness and wellness is your bogging niche, TheHealth will suit you to the hilt. It is a clean blogging theme tailor made for such niches and you will really find it effective.

12. Alpha

You can use Alpha for news sites and magazines as well. It has all those complementary features that make a blog attractive and interesting.

13. Carter

Featuring built-in exchange styles, custom alternate modules and a beautiful responsive design, Carter is a cool blogging theme priced at $80. It is exclusive in every sense of the word and will make your blog look like a rock star.

14. Quadrum

There are many people who use high definition mobile devices to surf net which makes retina-ready WordPress themes a sought-after choice. So, here is Quadrum, a retina-ready theme with its own Banner system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code.

15. Repose

Loaded with WooCommerce integration and video post format, Repose is a flexible, multi-format WordPress theme from MyThemeShop priced at $35. It is perfect for blogs, businesses, news portals and shops.

16. Cape Town

This responsive, secure and feature-rich theme from ThemeForest is priced at $40. It is simple to use and loads in seconds, making browsing a pleasurable experience.

17. Novelty

Present your content in an appealing way with Novelty which is a premium WordPress theme and comes packed with advanced features. It will cost you only $35.

18. Seed

In Seed, you will find a fully responsive framework, retina optimized design, font icons, HTML5 and CSS3 construction, shortcodes, several page templates, a filterable portfolio and lots more.

19. Sharlo

The flexible and fast Sharlo, from MojoThemes is priced at $49. It is a smart blogging theme that also carries an in-built rating system and gives you a lot of options to create and customize things as per your liking.

20. Insider

Insider, from ThemeJunkie, has all those coveted features that are needed to create an impressive and interesting blog. It is modern, fresh and fitted with the latest technologies.

21. NEWS 2

As is evident from the name, NEWS 2 is a theme that has been designed for sites and blogs with lots of content. It delivers your content with an extra sheen and shine that you won’t find anywhere else.

22. Stream

The $40 Stream, from ThemeForest, is a next generation WordPress theme. It has a reading progress bar, live customization, ratings system, tiled galleries, author profiles and many more coveted features.

23. TheStylist

TheStylist is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is ideal for makeup, fashion and general feminine blogs. Designed with all the contemporary features, it ensures widespread popularity for your blog.

24. The Writer

Make the most of online writing with The Writer, a tailor made theme for aspiring writers, authors and columnists. It is highly customizable and mobile-friendly.

25. Splash

MyThemeShop brings a beautiful and bright WordPress theme for the price of $35. Built with HTML5/CSS3, Splash is sure to take your blog to the next level through its effective and engaging features.

26. PhotoFrame

Do give a look to this clean, refined and responsive photography / blogging theme. It has ZOOM framework, multiple layouts, dark skin, easy customization and built-in slideshow.

27. Bold

Bold is a sexy and stunning theme with a versatile home page layout that focuses on showcasing images and video. This $69 theme, from OrganicThemes, features a responsive grid, retina optimization, a variety of page templates, shortcodes, featured videos, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms compatibility and much more.

28. Forca

Forca is a WooCommerce ready theme with ratings system, custom shortcodes, unlimited sidebars and lots more. However, the USP is its own Banner system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code.

29. Courier

Created by MojoThemes, Courier is a perfect WordPress theme to create all kind of online magazines, classic news websites, professional blogs and other editorial related projects.

30. Oculus

Oculus carries a semi-transparent focused design, allowing rich and subtle full page backgrounds to filter through, to stunning effect. This $49 theme from RocketTheme is all about new-age aesthetics and functionality.

31. Magazine

With Magazine, you can build complex grid layouts like renowned sites such as Guardian, CNN, MSN, and BBC in minutes. It is a 3-column theme designed to be used with the Themify Builder which possesses the
intuitive drag and drop capability.

32. Warta

Warta is a responsive and vibrant WordPress theme from ThemeForest valued at $45. It has 9 color schemes, 4 styles, clean design, documentation support and much more.

33. Statesman

This prim and proper theme from ThemeZilla has been exclusively designed for writers. Its focal point is the written word and thus, makes your blog acquire a super star status.

34. Publisher

The $50 Publisher, from ThemeJunkie is another WordPress theme that gives a beautiful presentation to your content and can handle loads of it without any problem.

35. Clock

A brilliant combination of tradition and modernity, Clock is a classic and cool theme from MyThemeShop that is valued at $35. It focuses on crisp typography with great contrast.

36. Reveal

The $49 Reveal, from ThemeTrust, is a responsive WordPress theme that carries many fabulous features such as translation support, video support, Google web fonts, cross browser compatibility, etc.

37. Collective

If you want a powerful yet easy-to-work-with WordPress theme then Collective is a good choice. It gives
you both along with many other coveted features that are sure to sweep you off your feet.

38. Segment

The modern masonry style Segment is a minimal WordPress theme from MojoThemes priced at $49. It is perfect for writers as well as photographers.

39. Allegro

Allegro has got a long list of features that are not only in sync with the present times but also hold relevance across all genres of blogging.

40. Passion

Enjoy unlimited color schemes, sidebars, Google Fonts, reviews, rich formats, post banners, post formats with Passion. This $45 theme from KopaTheme also provides lifetime and continuous support.

41. Corvus

Designed by RocketTheme, Corvus is a rich, dynamic theme that gives an amazing platform to your content
and also ensures a smooth and memorable ride for users.

42. SaladMag

You are sure to go gaga after SaladMag, a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest priced at $40. It was created on March 28, 2014 and possesses multiple useful and engaging features.

43. Prologue

One-of-a-kind, Prologue is a modern, responsive and touch enabled magazine-style WordPress theme. It has been designed to display your content in an elegant and sophisticated way.

44. Stylebook

Stylebook is a Twitter Bootstrap theme which is also responsive. Having advanced control panel, multiple color schemes, SEO optimization, custom page templates, etc. it is definitely worth a look.

45. Accio

Show off any kind of content in style with Accio which is a clean and flat design WordPress theme having a lot of useful features. This elegant theme is ideal for your personal blog and will definitely give you a memorable experience.

46. Pinstagram

Are you in love with the Pinterest style WordPress themes? Pinstagram belongs to this very group and has been designed by MyThemeShop for $35. It features the trademark grid layout with multiple post sizes and long list of posts.

47. TastyFood

The $59 TastyFood is a food blogging & lifestyle WordPress theme. Along with all the desirable features, it provides you unlimited site usage, access to documentation and free installation on one domain.

48. Sharp

Sharp is a responsive theme designed with Twitter Bootstrap, post templates, multiple category page layouts, fully controllable sliders, awesome fonts and shortcodes.

49. Block

Want to give your blog a fresh new look? Try out Block. This clean and simple WordPress theme, from MojoThemes, priced at $49, supports various post formats and page templates.

50. Adventure

Adventure, a $69 theme from OrganicThemes holds a full width featured slideshow for showcasing your most important articles. Your social media links, biography and other things also get requisite attention through the other fabulous features.

51. Ink

Ink lets you do all the things that you want to with its rich set of features that are all about beauty and functionality. The theme is simple, clean and elegant which can adapt to any screen resolution.

52. Pratico

Pratico is a responsive and modern WordPress theme from ThemeForest priced at $40. Offering flexibility and customization, it was created on 26 March, 2014.

53. Novelti

Novelti brings forth a unique and desirable combination of beauty and functionality. It is packed with all those classic features that let you work with simple clicks. You can buy it for $40.

54. Legatus

Legatus is a retina-ready and responsive theme from OrangeThemes that is built with drag&drop interface, content blocks range, template system and many other elements. Its wide range of features is truly a delight to work on.

55. Immunity

A wonderful product of MyThemeShop, Immunity is a $35 WordPress theme that can gel well with any kind of blog/site. What is more, it is optimized for speed, search engines and advertising.

56. Praxis

Praxis, developed by RocketTheme, is an elegant and effective theme from RocketTheme. Its enriching visual elements and powerful, underlying interactive and configurable features are designed to make your blog rock.

57. Ultra Mag

The $55 Ultra Mag is a responsive and ecommerce ready WordPress theme which carries a simple layout and is pretty easy to customize. The features of the theme ensure fine fucntionality and beautiful display.

58. DesignBlog

A clean look and professional touch are the USP of DesignBlog. The theme is a great choice for design, development, photography, inspiration and tutorial blogs.

59. iCook

iCook is a $30 theme from TeslaThemes. It has a clean and responsive design along with other sought-after features. It is ideal for food, recipe, cuisine related blogs/sites.

60. Beatheaven

A responsive music WordPress theme for artists and event planners, the $59 Beatheaven helps you beat the competition and stand out. It has all the standard features that are compatible with the melodious niche.

61. ProStore

If you have got loads of content and you want to display it in an elegant and user-friendly style then ProStore would serve you fine. This $45 theme from ThemeForest has been designed to meet these very needs.

62. ButterBelly

Build your blog in minutes with the bright ButterBelly that has perfectly scalable performance, SEO optimization, responsive layout, retina ready display and lots more to make you fall in love with it.

63. Resolution

Carrying a tidy appearance and cross-browser compatibility, Resolution is a $47 theme that serves multiple purposes and brings fullon functionality for your blog.

64. Sabang

The $49 Sabang is a minimalist and clean blogging WordPress theme with stunning grid animations. Created on March 25, 2014 by MojoThemes, it is responsive as well and comes with all the features that are in demand.

65. FrontPage

An invention of MyThemeShop, the $35 FrontPage has 6 different homepage layouts and 3 different single post layouts. It is also WooCommerce-ready and fully responsive.

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