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1and1 is one of the best, easy to use and cheapest domains registration and web hosting website in the US and Europe. 1and1 provides most comprehensive, feature-packed solutions at the best prices with no hidden costs and also provides everything you need to maximize your full-web potential – without downtime, without barriers and without reservations. 1and1 is famous for its best and easy to use control panel. Cheapest prices, perfect domains and domain extensions are the commitments of the 1and1.

1and1 was founded in 1988 by Ralph Dommermuth, presently the CEO of the United Internet, Public parent company and CMO of 1and1. Present-day, 1and1 has over 6,300 employees, 2,000 employees in project management, data center and development, 7 data centers with 70,000 servers around USA and Europe, 13.87 million customers with paid services and sold over 19 million domains. The branches of 1and1 are in Austria, France, Germany, Phillippines, Romania, Spain, UK, USA, Poland, Canada, Italy and Mexico.

The main commitment and theme of the 1and1 is to satisfy customers with exclusive plans with absolutely no hidden charges, free domain names depending on the plan you choose, no additional costs for the .com, .net, .org, .info domains, 30 days money back guarantee, your own domains for less prices, E-mail and phone support for 24/7, easy to use control panel and best security for your websites. You can also purchase and install SSL certificate at affordable price from any third party provider.

The prices of the domains are so cheaper compared to other web hosting websites. 1and1 provides .com and .net domains for only $0.99 per year, .info and .org domains for $8.99 per year. 1and1 also provides the new domains such as .club, .guru, .website, .church, .direct and .beer for not more than $19.99 per year. This site gives the best opportunity to search our own website domains with different categories. They also include the special offers for the domains which are displayed. 1and1 contains overall 269 domains for the different categories. The process of the buying the domain and hosting is also so simple.

1and1 is also good in providing the best offer web hosting for cheap prices. It has over 20 years of experience in web hosting and operates approximately 80,000 servers. The three categories in hosting are Web hosting, performance hosting and WordPress hosting. The classic commitment of the 1and1 is maximum security to your applications. The performance, accessibility and reliability is all in one package with 1and1.

The appreciable thing about 1and1 is that they are available to secure website via email and phone. The main mission of the 1and1 is to provide an optimal internet presence for users and small sized businesses by offering a complete range of high quality web hosting with affordable prices. With this dedication, it seems that 1and1 is completely involved to satisfy the customers.

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