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There are number of code editors available over internet which promise to serve users in multiple ways and offer a complete integrated development environment with myriad of features and functions. However this is just an illusion, only few of them are capable of serving users to the satisfactory level, and CodeLobster is one of them, which is one of the best and most complete Free PHP IDE available over Internet.

CodeLobster PHP IDE is a free, portable web development tool that mainly focuses on HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript development. Codelobster comes with IDE embedded and convenient tool, with Codelobster users don’t need to keep in mind all the variables, function names, tags, attributes and the parameters anymore. All these things are implemented within this tool in auto complete feature for CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

Code Lobster source code editor is an advanced feature text editor yet simplistic in form and function. It offers premium qualities and features found in those high-priced editors for FREE.

Lets check out Code Lobster’s many features, possibilities and prime advantages for your consideration.

1. Code Highlighter

CodeLobster lets you beautify your code by highlighting bunch of codes depends on the type, if you are writing PHP then it will automatically highlight your code as PHP, same will work for JavaScript and HTML, apart from that you have number of color schemes to choose from to beautify your code.

2. CSS/HTML Inspector

One of the finest attribute of CodeLobster which makes it simple and assist you to find HTML elements and their styles messed up into the whole page.

3. PHP Debugger

PHP Debugger is a package of tools that allows developers to find bugs and fix them for the applications they are working on; also debugger allows the execution of PHP scripts incrementally, displaying the values of all variables on every line.

4. SQL Manager

SQL Manager is easy to use tool that enable you to create all the important actions with database like to edit any structure or records in the tables, to add or delete any structure, to execute the SQL queries, to export the data, auto completion and highlighting the works for the SQL files.

5. FTP Support

The support for the FTP allows the users to work straight with the remote server and to make all the important changes with the files.

6. Context Help

CodeLobster offers context help for all supported language, you just have to press F1 key and it displays the page with the functions or attribute that would open along with the detailed description for the users.

7. Handy Utilities

Other important utilities of this tool are tooltips, collapsing, selection of the possibility of the blocks and pair highlighting, navigation on the descriptions of the functions and included the files at the withholding of the key of the CTRL, previewing in the browser, bookmarks, viewing the structure of the projects and the files and other standard chances of working with the code. Portable option allowing the use of the editor without the preliminary installation.

Also : there are special plugins for working with CMS platforms such as-

Drupal and Joomla
PHP frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii
JavaScript library: JQuery
WordPress- blogging engine
Smarty- template engine

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