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The advent of smartphones has made blogging an activity anyone can do on the go. Millions of blogs across the internet cover every topic you could imagine. From travel bloggers sharing their experiences on the road to athletes sharing inspiration on the field, anyone can share high-quality updates with their audiences. However, success in blogging on the go requires the right apps, which can make or break your posts. Keep reading to find the six best Android apps for pro bloggers.


The WordPress app is one of the easiest blogging platforms for people who aren’t used to web design or HTML. After selecting a theme, you can type, upload, and edit posts as needed until you’re happy with your content. The app syncs to your photos and lets you easily answer comments easily. Responding to your audience is a crucial part of running a website, and bloggers can easily chat with readers and build strong connections by using this tool. WordPress also has a strong desktop experience, making it easy to switch from phone to computer to tablet with little effort.


While many smartphones have highly advanced cameras such as the LG G5 with a 16MP camera and ultra-wide-angle lenses, many people still want to edit their photos, add filters, or crop angles. Instagram allows bloggers to do this and then share the images across multiple social media platforms. Followers can like, comment, and share the photos, creating another location for bloggers to connect with their audiences. Advanced bloggers can set up an Instagram widget on their WordPress blog, which will create a stream of images. This is a great first impression for highly visual bloggers in the food, travel, and fashion industries.


Political bloggers need to be in the know, which means they constantly read and watch news updates that they can cover. Unfortunately, not every blogger has extra time to read in-depth analyses of world events. With BeyondPod, bloggers can create podcast playlists, set updates when there’s a new upload, and prioritize their playlists. It’s a smart way to get the gist of the news before blogging about it on the road. This is also a great tool for bloggers who are considering starting their own podcast and publishing it alongside those of their peers.


While Google+ is far from the most popular social network, it’s incredibly useful for vloggers streaming video. They can either record a live video session that uploads directly to YouTube or have a Google Hangout to talk about a specific topic with a few friends or industry peers. The app also records and uploads the Hangout to YouTube for future views. This tool is incredibly helpful for creating videos and then writing a related post on your WordPress blog.

Google Analytics

Bloggers know that their value depends on the ability to drive traffic to their pages, and Google Analytics is one of the most common tools for measuring this. It’s easy to see how many people are visiting your websites, what kind of content they’re consuming, and where they come from. When another blog links to yours, it can drive a ton of traffic to a particular page in one day. Google Analytics helps bloggers identify the source of the traffic so they can capitalize on it.


As your blog continues to grow, you need to keep track of what you publish and when. Evernote allows you to save items for later, track ideas for future topics, and make note of emails for contacting guest posters and webinar speakers. It’s a great way to stay organized while you’re traveling around the world or experimenting with new recipes. Most people swear by Evernote as their own personal assistant and use it throughout the day.
These are just a few of the top apps that bloggers can use to stay updated and organized on the go, but there are many more out there. Try downloading a few different types and testing the ones you like best. This way you’ll know what’s out there and what works best for you.

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