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70 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

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Speed became a very sought-after feature of WordPress themes after Google started taking it into account to rank sites and blogs. Today, WordPress users give as much attention to the loading time of a theme as other features. They know how important it is to impress search engines and get...

60 Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes

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A WordPress theme gets a coveted status when it lives true to the expectations of the user. Every WordPress user wants a theme to possess good looks and great functionality. The former i.e. good looks is a very subjective matter but if you analyze the current trends you will find...

60 Free Responsive WordPress Themes


The Web is changing rapidly and so is the end user viewing experience, such as being able to read, navigate, re-size, pan and scroll through a particular website across a wide range of devices. Responsiveness Essentials Nearly every client who requires a site these days demands a Responsive version of...