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As WordPress are in great demand, WordPress plugins are all that writers could probably require, including editing, proof-reading, interruption-free writing, revision, and most likely statistic you can envision. If you are looking for excellent WordPress plugins that are used by the writers, then you have approached the right place. Few of the best WordPress plugins will make your daily life simple, interesting and convey a good experience for your users.

We’ve listed here top 10 WordPress plugins for expert writers that will be immensely advantageous to a great extent.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the trendiest WordPress Plugins for the writers in the market. It can certainly assist the writers to write excellent contents. This compels them to aim at one particular keyword for every post produced for the WP website. When the keyword is chosen, this plugin guarantees that this specific keyword can be used all through your page or post, including in the headings, body copy, meta descriptions, page titles, etc. In this way the content posted by the writer gets optimized for search engines. This plugin is easy to install and also setup, and thus used on the websites.

2. Just Writing

Just Writing

Distraction Free Writing Mode [DFWM] is on offer with Just Writing plugin. When a writer is applying this plugin, you can include additional requirements to the toolbar, covering headings, alignment, colors, spell check, different paragraph styling options, cut, copy-paste, undo-redo, etc. Just Writing plugin will also insert a Preview button and lets the writer set which kind of display, preferences, and which are concealed.

3. WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit provides you more charge over the integral WP WYSIWYG visual editor, thus permitting you to reorganize the buttons and include plugins to the visual editor applying a drag and drop interface. With the support of this plugin, you can insert layers, tables, images and link choices, advanced XHTML, styles, emoticons, search and replace, and CSS classes for themes.

4. Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics by Yoast

Google Analytics by Yoast is yet another effective plugin that assists you tracking on the entire website statistics.  This plugin even supports you in maintaining tabs on downloads, demographics, search results, acquisition, etc. You can notice when the posts execute the best on the sites, and publish more number of posts during that time. This plugin is mostly big-picture, holistic writers’ plugin.   

5. Visual Editor Font Size

Visual Editor Font Size

You might be spending lot of time on writing posts on WordPress, but you might be having strain on your eyes as they seem very small. Actually the font size of WP dashboard can be small, mainly if you work often in Word documents. With the help of Visual Editor Font Size plugin, you can modify the font size in the visual editor of WordPress, though it won’t alter anything on your live website.

6. Front End Editor

Front End Editor

If by chance you miss out a typo, then Front End Editor is available. It is always good to proofread your WP pages and posts straightaway on your site, on live version of the website, instead of Dashboard; but it is time-consuming too, and upsetting to pin backwards as well as forwards between live website and dashboard in back end. So when the Front Editor is installed, this kind of difficulty fades away. This plugin lets you modify contents straight on your website when you login.   

7. Revision Control

Revision Control

When you choose to proofread by your own, instead of depending on automated system, here the Revision Control plugin will be perfect for you as it happens to offer numerous revisions of pieces while writers update and polish their prose finely. With the aid of Revision Control, you hold more charge in this process. You can restrain the number of revisions permitted by the page or past, and further saving many revisions of pages and posts so that you can go back to them when there is any requirement.

8. Copyright Proof

Copyright Proof

It is becoming quite tough to prove the copyright and ownership, as a writer, content marketer or author. It is hard to identify the ideal content and origin of ideas. You can protect your works with the help of Copyright Proof plugin as it can routinely add copyright, licensing, certification, and acknowledgement notice at the end of every post. You can also decide to add anti-theft aspect on every copy of yours, and this plugin can trace the IP address of any person trying to utilize it.

9. Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot

When you use Proofread Bot plugin, you won’t be making any single mistake, as well as eradicate grammatical errors and stylized concerns in your content matter. It is simple to use this plugin as it applies cutting edge usual processes. This plugin also verifies your web copy for plagiarism applying the Bing. When you install this plugin, then click on its button, and after few seconds you will obtain a detailed statement that outlines any kind of issue on your post. With Proofread Bot, you can approach to one free proofread every day, with limit up to 600 words. When it crosses 600, you need to buy a proofreading package.

10. FD Footness Plugin

FD Footness Plugin

With the assistance of this plugin, you can effortlessly and swiftly include stylish looking footnotes on your WordPress posts. It utilizes a normal syntax which is simple for any user to know and use it well. Your footnotes should cover a number, a full stop, and a space, and then your real reference. You don’t require remembering the actual number you’re up to; instead footnotes will manually renumber when you finally publish your post on the site. Using this plugin you can add anything you wish to in your footnotes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the above article that relates to the best WordPress plugins for the writers!

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