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If you love social media, Facebook isn’t the only place you can launch an awesome career. In fact, these seven social networks are all amazing places to work—and they’re all hiring, too. Take a peek inside the offices of these cool companies and learn more about their culture, team and extra-fun perks.

social media jobs landed
Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter.  Oh yeah, and there’s Google+ too.  And Tumblr.  And we can’t forget about Pinterest. But that pretty much sums up the social media landscape — that’s all there is, right?

Sadly, many marketers seem to think so.

In fact, if you were to ask some social marketers about the platforms they use, you’d be lucky to hear them mention Tumblr and Pinterest at all.

Despite the fact that there are numerous social platforms that marketers can leverage today, many brands operate in a very limited social landscape. Often, Twitter and Facebook represent the full extent of their social media efforts.

social media jobs landed
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