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All bloggers want to make their blog popular at any cost. But, it is not an easy work to do as assumed by novice bloggers. In fact, to create an engaging blog, you need to do lots of smart work, generate creativity in your blog and pose willingness to do something extraordinary at all the times. If you are new in this field, you need to have a sharp learning curve also.

Actually, a perfect blog integrates the perfect combination of unique content, fascinating design, etc, and leaves a great impression on its visitors. There are many bloggers who start blogging with great zeal, but they give up within a few months, mainly because they don’t know how to popularize a blog.

If you have started WordPress blogging and want to make your blog popular, then you should carefully perceive the below-mentioned tricks as soon as possible:

1. Decide the aim of your blog and abide by it strictly

When you start WordPress blogging, you should define your goals and set up a strategy about how you can achieve your target. Your goals may be:

● To provide product information
● To provoke conversion on your website
● To increase your subscribers/followers
● To boost traffic and readership on your website, etc.

You can apply different approaches to make your blog useful for your targeted audience.

2. Take care of blog design

The overall look and feel of your blog will determine its popularity. Actually, every blog must have a unique and appealing design so that it can attract the audience easily and quickly. When a reader lands on your blog, the design of your blog generates the first impression. It determines whether the reader will stay on your blog or not.

So, it is necessary for you to customize your blog as per your needs and make it look professional, eye-catching and tempting. For this, you need to choose the most suitable theme and customize its design, color, fonts, etc, to catch visitor’s attention.

3. Publish useful content regularly

When you start blogging, you need to publish unique and user-centric content at regular intervals on your blog to attract traffic. If you use plagiarized content on your blog, you may lose your potential viewers quickly and your blog may be penalized by the Google (for violating its content guidelines) as well.

Therefore, write informative, and creative content that can generate curiosity among visitors and encourage them to land on your blog. Divide the lengthy content into small and crispy fragments and add images, videos, and animations to attract visitors.

As a serious blogger, it will be better for you to write blogs on recent topics or other interesting things that are curiously searched by web visitors.

Apart from this, you need to have a complete knowledge about search engine optimization. It will help you to optimize your blog very well and improve its visibility in search engines. A decent ranking in search engines drives immense traffic to your blog and makes it popular in a short time span.

4. Capitalize on social media channels

Different social media channels are the gathering point of millions of people. That is why, if you utilize leading social media channels, it provides you tons of opportunities to promote your blog all on the global Internet.

Just add social media buttons to your website and allow visitors to share your content with their friends, relatives, followers, in groups, etc. It will give a bigger exposure to your blog posts and will help you to have potential traffic from social media channels.

Apart from this, you can also add an RSS feature on your blog, so that people can instantly view your post even without accessing your blog.

5. Think of adding your blog to popular blog communities

If you want to increase the popularity of your WordPress blog quickly, you should submit your blog to popular blog communities. There are millions of people who cursorily wait for new posts in popular blog communities and consume them for their specific goals. It can increase traffic and popularity of your website dramatically.

But, before submitting your blog to blog communities, you must check their Google PR.

6. Guest posting

Guest posting (to write posts for someone else’s blog) is an effective way of increasing the readership and accessibility of your blog up to a large extent. There are lots of blogging platforms that offer limitless opportunities to active bloggers to get noticed by millions of people through guest blogging. So, just write quite content and get it published on those platforms. It will help you to bring new readers to your blog and increase its usability.

7. Article submission

Article submission is an effective way to make to create a solid online presence within a few days. Just write high-quality articles and submit them to various article directories. It will enhance the PR and domain of your blog up to a great extent. You get quality backlinks to your blog, which brings organic traffic and referral traffic to your blog.

Final Words

These are some tips that will help you to make your WordPress blog popular. Don’t expect tremendous results in a few days. Implementing all these tips carefully and regularly will help you to succeed as a good blogger within a few weeks/months.

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