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WordPress is a highly popular CMS that is used by most of the website owners. It is invigorated with multiple features that make it a desirable pick. Owing to its amazing features it has become the apple of eye of all CMS users. Mobiles have also been propelled with many advanced and captivating options that dilate its use and a function beyond entertainment. It has become a colossal and handy source of valuable information.
Hence these days’ designers come up with many blogs and websites that are equipped with a dedicated mobile version. WordPress Themes and plugins offer the users an easy access to the mobile users. It promises the designers to make the best pick that ensures a mobile-friendly access and easy navigation for all users. Here are some best free WordPress Mobile Plugins that don’t prick your pockets but suffice your requirement. The boom in technology has eased up everyone’s work and has made life hassle free.

WP Touch

WP Touch is a friendly plugin that even probloggers find it enchanting to use. It has a spectacular and friendly layout that alters your blog into an application special template theme which diminishes the size of posts and images. Hence they eat less time to get loaded by most elite mobile internet devices like iPod touch, iPhone etc. these features make this plugin highly commendable.

WordPress Mobile Pack

wordpress mobile pack
WordPress Mobile Pack is an amazing plugin that is developed by Edent and Jamesgpearce. It is accelerated with two phenomenal features Mobile recognition and Device Adaptation. By virtue of these features they can detect the browser and can resize the images and split your post into various pages that leads to a cozy and simple navigation for all visitors. Another incredible feature of WordPress Mobile Pack is that it permits Adsense ads to be displayed according to the version of mobile. It is a highly desirable plugin used on WordPress blog.

WordPress Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition
WordPress Mobile Edition is one of the most commonly used plugin that is developed by Crowd Favorite. The amazing plugin is powered with a sturdy yet simple layout. It offers a special mobile version that is stored in all mobiles and when a visitor enters the site it simply loads that particular mobile version. It also allows you to use your own theme which might affect the agility while redirecting but it does not demand much time. Hence it is worth the use and pretty recommendable.


MobilePress is a simple plugin to use that alters your WordPress blog on mobile internet browsing devices blended with the ability of customizing themes. It demands the simple step of downloading and executes the rest of the significant task. It also offers ad from some of the most illustrious mobile as establishments like Buzzcity, Admob etc. it enables you to make your own ads an d track visitiors using Aduity analytics.

WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin

WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin is an excellent plugin that displays a mobile theme to everyone who browse your site using BlackBerry, Windows or Android. It is accelerated with professional settings that allows you to upload you own logo; choose your home page an enable thumbnails. It also lets you choose a custom preference for stats and advertising.

Mobile CSS

Mobile CSS is a fabulous plugin that allows you to specify CSS norms and rules for tablets and phones. It offers unique trending of 18 tablet devices and nearly 13 phones. It dilates the functionality of the user by letting him target 14 particular user agents and almost 15 types of browsers. It optimizes your already existing mobile themes


WiziApp is an exciting and versatile plugin that allows you to display an HTML5 powered theme on mobile to all mobile visitors. It also enables you to decide if you wish to show your theme to mobile visitors, tablet visitors or both of them. You can also upload a home screen icon and select navigation menu. It allows the integration of Google Adsense and Google Analytics from the settings options.

Wp View Mobile

WP Mobile Edition
Wp View Mobile is an internet friendly simple mobile plugin. This plugin already stores various templates for different mobile devices. Hence whenever a user visits the site the plugin detects the browser and displays the article swiftly in the desired mobile version form. However a drawback of the plugin is that if it has a large image size it gets blocked and then loaded. This makes it a bit irksome. Apart from this Wp View Mobile is an excellent choice.

Mowser WordPress Mobile

Mowser WordPress bile
Mikerowehl has designed this incredible plugin Mowser WordPress mobile that offers simplicity in use and magnificence in features. It is geared up by a simple layout and cracking ability that enables you to detect browsers and display the content or article within the blink of an eye. The plugin is perfect if you wish to enhance the credibility of your website. It’s astounding features do not affect the loading speed and yet makes your site appealing.

Mobile Smart

mobile smart
Mobile Smart is a friendly plugin that allows you to display themes of your choice for all tablet and mobile users. It enables agents detection so that all the mobile visitors are directed automatically to your theme. It displays a manual switcher that lets visitors to switch themes. It smart features truly lives up to its name.

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