Top 10 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

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What’s new!! A common question that everyone asks. Websites have recently become the face of a company today. What your website has will reflect your company and its products. We will discuss what you could expect the coming year 2018 from a web designers’ perspective.

If you have a business and you want a website for the same, you definitely will try to find a Local Web Design service for the same, who can provide you with excellent web design and satisfactory services. So, what can you expect in the coming year in the world web design? Since artificial intelligence is taking over most of the IT sectors, then why not here too. You can expect that option to be more diverse and user-friendly.

Let’s discusswhat are the new things that are going to be in-focus in the upcoming year. From a user’s perspective and a web designer’s perspective, you can easily expect many new things being introduced and a lot of improvisation in the features, which are already available.

1. Geometry

What does Geometry have to do with web design? I asked the same question and found out that it plays a huge role in the evolution of a website to the new level.
You will be able to see a unique and diversified web design using geometric shapes like patterns, circles or lines, which I snot a new concept but is being evolved over time.

2. Graphics Made Real

Graphics are being developed to be compatible with a web design for more than a decade and it’s being made so real that you will doubt the real ones. You can definitely follow these graphics and notice them improvise largely in the trending sector of web design.

3. Animation

Animations convey the messages that a photograph cannot, easily. The more interactive the website is, the more users likely check it out. You will be able to experience the next level of development in 2018 in the field of animations.

4. Mobile Compatibility Increased

A Recent poll indicates mobile devices are used very often to browse rather than a computer. So, you can see a huge focus by the designers to make the website more mobile friendly and all the available options to be functional for all devices.

5. Authenticity

We look at authentic products or security for any website. Authenticity is always good which will provide an added advantage in the market. In the coming years, the professionals will ensure to be as authentic as possible when it comes to the data that is provided online.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is overtaking all the sectors including heavy machinery operators, so why not here. AI will evolve further to provide the near-human experience when interacting with artificial intelligence. Chatbots and machinery learning, after every interaction has been improvised over the years, you can expect a huge growth from the designers in this section as well.

7. Voice Interface

It’s a new feature being installed by designers to make the websites more user-friendly. Voice user interfaces can now understand and perform complex tasks and if combined with machine learning, the prediction based on probability is limitless.

8. Video Replacing Photos

Video conveys a lot of information as compared to an animation or a photo. Observations indicate that the video embedded in websites have been exponentially increasing this year and you could expect the trend to continue over the near year too. Including a video on your website will enhance the conversions by 20%.

9. Typography

The buttons you used to see on a website are now being replaced by texts. Appealing to users and attracting more business through this powerful medium will be a major focus in 2018. It works really well with scroll and parallax designs too.

10. Diversified Colors

Colors are very limited when a designer creates a website. It’s no longer the same anymore since reproduction of super-rich colors will be in focus in 2018. Use of bolder colors will attract more traffic to your site. Be prepared to be amazedat the vibrant rich colors that will be implemented for the brands you like.


These are few of the trends that we are looking forward to following in 2018. There are various other trends that I haven’t mentioned here, as I was focusing more on the most exciting and important ones that are most useful to the user community.
You can always expect to be surprised since new templates will be released on a daily basis from designers all across the globe. The upcoming year is going to be an exciting one for web designers and a feast for the users to enjoy the new features and trends along with getting updatedand improvised old trends.

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