Top 10 Android Apps for Students to Learn Math

Looking for some new and clever ways to help your kids learn math? Then, here is the solution. For this all you need is a smartphone with good android version. Today, Android has a huge variety of apps which helps a student in understanding math quickly and easily.

On the other hand, these apps make the subject more interesting for students and makes their learning easier. It also increases their fluency and foundation in the subject with their multi step explanation to solve any kind of problem sums. Further, these apps are built by professional who have undergone a proper android training.

Therefore, below mentioned are top 10 android apps for students to learn math easily:

1. Kids numbers and math Lite

One of the best and the first app for students to learn math is kids numbers and math lite. This app is especially for small kids who have just started learning math. It teaches you about the numbers and all basic mathematical operations in an interesting ways. Further, if your child is a fast learner, it also has a set of advanced exercises to keep him busy.

2. Math training for kids

Another interesting app learning math is this one. It has four basic concepts and three difficulty levels that teach all solid math fundamentals which will help every student to become more skilled in a less span of time.

3.Math Tricks

Another very useful app for students learning math is Math tricks. This app is basically designed for those who want to learn new and interesting tricks to speed up their calculation. These tricks further help them to solve their problem sums much faster.

4. Operation Math

Another most commonly used app by students learning math is Operation math. This app turns the student into secret spies that will travel the world with different missions. It has an option in which students can choose the operation they want to practice and make their way to learn new skills.

5. Math workout

This is another superb app to learn math quickly. You can easily achieve mental sharpness with this app as it will give your brain a daily dose of mental exercise by testing your mental math every day.

6. Let’s do the Math

Another very useful app in learning math is this one. This app can keep the students busy for hours and that too with 15 different types of logical exercises in 3 different categories and more than 50 word problems that usually focus on subtraction and addition.

7. Maths formulas free

This app is easily available in many languages and provides you with all basic formulas of mathematics. Therefore, with this app, it becomes very convenient for all high school students to learn any type formulas.

8. Pet bingo by duck duck moose

This is a superb app for small kids in which they have to answer various types of addition, multiplication, subtraction or division problem sums and place their answer on the bingo board. Therefore, it has very colorful graphics and modes which helps in better understanding.

9. Brain exerciser

As its name suggests this app is designed to make your brain sharp in calculations. It has various sets of games that you can play to refresh your mathematical skills. So, while enjoying games you can easily gain some skills which will help you in doing the math quickly.

10. 10Monkeys multiplication

Last but not the least app is monkey multiplication. With this app students can practice various multiplication skills in which their goal is to help monkeys trapped in a tree by answering a set of questions quickly and correctly.

Therefore, these are some best and top 10 Android apps which will help students to learn Math very easily.

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