Why WordPress Is The Best Blogging Platform?

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WordPress is responsible for powering 1 out of every four websites in the world. Which means, some 20% of the total websites in the world are being driven by this Content Management System (CMS). With this kind of stats, it’s clearly a market leader and rightly so, remains by a distance the most popular platform around.

All this should not come as a surprise given that WordPress started its journey as a blogging platform and then gradually, became a full-fledged platform for creating websites and web applications. Although it is a leading CMS today, it continues to be used extensively for blogging purposes the world over.

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WordPress as a blogging platform

It takes just a few minutes to have a WordPress powered blog and you are on the web quickly and in a hassle-free manner. It shows much ease bloggers find this platform and how much they love using.

WordPress is loved much by bloggers for many reasons, including –

• It comes packed with all essential features blogging requires

• It’s the most scalable platform

• Getting started with this CMS is perhaps the easiest

• You needn’t be a tech wizard to run it and operate it

• A well-oiled support forum is there

Reasons that make WordPress the best blogging platform

WordPress is a feature-rich and scalable platform coming with all what makes blogging a breeze. At present, it’s a choice of millions of bloggers the world over for a number of reasons, including –

1. Support forum

Anyone new to blogging may need some support to get things done without facing any hassles. While such support is either not available or is very next to minimal with other platforms, it’s very much part of WordPress. Its support forum is there which bloggers can turn to any time and clear their doubts. Similarly, the number of WordPress users is really huge and any problems faced can be sorted out by contacting them with just a Google search.

2. Themes and plugins

A new blog is not started unless its designed is created. We generally hire a theme designer for the same or go and buy a premium theme. There are a huge number of best WordPress themes available to download and most of them are free while some paid. If you buy a paid theme, you can also expect to get support as well. The same kind of range and depth is not available with other platforms.

3. Regular updates

Blogging with WordPress is very helpful as it’s a platform that sees regular updates. It also comes with a lot of plugins to be used to optimize the performance of the site. Similarly, making changes and doing updates is very easy with this platform and doing all this does not require much of technical knowledge. With regular updates, you can be rest assured of being with a safe and secure platform.

4. An SEO friendly platform

WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform by default. Which means, you only need to concentrate on blogging without worrying about optimization. Plus, it comes with some powerful SEO plugins as well which can be used to make the blog rank better in search engines and become more visible to users on the internet. So, you just blog and leave the rest to the platform itself when it comes to marketing things.

5. A reliable platform

Blogging is all about conveying your ideas to the world and winning the trust of readers. This trust-building measure is hard to gain if a right platform is not chosen. You can’t use a platform which even spammers use for back link purposes. The right strategy should be to get a self-hosted WordPress blog and show the people your intent and seriousness.

6. Monetization

If you want to monetize your blog, then there is nothing better an option than WordPress. Using this platform means you would enjoy the trust of advertisers. In fact, there are a lot of dedicated plugins for WordPress blog which are from well-known advertising agencies. So, being with this popular platform will help if making some money is one of priority areas for you.

In overall, hire a top WordPress development company and get your blog running in a fairly quick time.

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