10 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Website Design

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Of course, websites are ideal for a business which should replicate what the business owners try to say about their business in terms of the process and the function their business and so on. A website would let know other people about what services they offer, information about a business and much more whom are in the need of that service. So in this blog section we shall have a peek into the top 10 important things which would be expected by your boss about Web design.

1. Introduction to the kinds of websites:

People should know about the basics of a website before moving on to the web design part. People would expect that a professional who have good understanding right from the basics till higher end would be beneficial. Static and dynamic websites are the types of websites in trend now. HTML based websites are named as static ones and Content management websites are known as dynamic ones.

2. Focusing on the Look & feel of a website:

Whatever kind of a website a person designs, he or she should focus on the look and feel of the website alone since wed designs are similar to architects. Web designing is not just like other jobs since it needs special thoughts in terms of color scheming websites and also to provide information flow. Yes, web design comes and can be sorted out only of a person works in different color so that a unique creativity is gained for each and every project unlike developers who just stick on to coding part.

3. Technology that has to be used:

In web design, the usage of technology really matters. People should update them to the latest platforms which are currently on the trend in the market. If they do not update themselves, no matter even if they gain experience the company will find them as a worthy person. Some of the commonly used technologies that every web designer should be aware of are Adobe Photoshop, flash, HTML frames/CSS, Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator.
Initially HTML was called as HTML and when times passed away it has become HTML 5 as of now. So there lies an improvement in technology so people should have knowledge about it. So similarly each and every technology will have its own flavor and functionality. When these technologies are used in the right place, drastic results would be seen.

4. Good user experience through good imagination:

Only when people have strong and focus imagination of the business, they can provide a good user experience. People should understand the needs of the website design should choose apt technologies after several researches and then use it. Good imagination comes in a web designer only when he or she has enough room to be more creative. This is not a skill or a job but an art.

5. Bringing a working prototype model:

If a smart web designer is beside you for a project, they would analyze the requirement and bring in a working model which fits the need within the time frame and there lies a trick in it provided the person should be creative, highly a problem solver and so on. People would expect a live demo of the project; so that if there any changes are needed it can be changed.

6. Responsive for about 100 percent:

Yes, websites which are highly responsive whenever a person tries to navigate are loved by the business owners as well as your boss. A website with low responsiveness in terms of design and not development will be disliked by the common people in reality. To increase the responsiveness of a website, a person should compress all the images in each and every webpage. Compressing images which are the logo of a business, banner images, footer images and much more types would increase the page loading speed quickly.

7. Browser Independent graphic designing:

The terms itself indicates that the graphic design which are made should be having the capability of all the browsers which are in the market for sure. Yes, as already mentioned there are several graphic designing soft-wares where a person should be aware of and well-talented. Out of all Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver would be used all around the world. It would be wise if people are well-equipped in these programs rather than a degree.

8. Device compatibility:

Yes, the website design which are made for a desktop or a laptop version would never resemble so similar on a tablet or a mobile version. So the design should be as per the standards of the device without compromising the screen resolution so that the outcome is so cool.

9. Adaptable to the changes:

It would be wise if people design a website which could adapt the changes in the future for sure since the website might never be the same since requirements might change time to time.

10. Less Maintenance Cost for a website:

People always expect the maintenance cost to be lesser than usual at all point of time. Maintenance depends upon choosing designs models which would fit as per the need and business, SEO for a website and much more so that it becomes a source of income.

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