10 Outstanding WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Website from Hackers

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As it is wisely said that Prevention is better than cure, the same goes with WordPress security. Just as WordPress is the trendiest and protected Content Management System (CMS), it is also exposed to hack stabbing without your knowledge by applying any weakness of your website. As your website is extremely a precious resource for you and your company, you should pay special heed towards your WordPress Website Security by utilizing few of the best WordPress Security Plugins. From the day one, you should execute security measures for keeping your blogs completely secure.

Some of the security plugins are available for free, and few of WordPress security plugins are to be paid. Read the below 10 best WordPress Security Plugins very closely to safeguard your site from the malicious hackers.

1. Akismet

Considered as the well-admired essential WordPress Plugin, the Akismet has the ability to filter out spam comments routinely. It can even remove the spam comments routinely if you turn-off the comment option from your blog. At times the hackers utilize the spam comments for destroying your website, so you need to be extra-careful. You only require installing and constructing the Akismet plugin for your website. The Akismet API Key can be acquired for free and utilized for your website.

2. Login LockDown

Login LockDown
For protecting your WordPress website from unwanted risks, you can use Login LockDown that assists you in maintaining a record of unsuccessful login trials for particular IT range. It can even help in discharging particular IP range and immobilize login attempts for particular set time. The login limits can be set by you from the admin menu, and also release the obstructed IP.

3. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security
One of the most popular security plugin, the BulletProof Security is applied by many web developers as well as blog owners for safeguarding their blogs and posts. Free and pro-versions of BulletProof plugin are available for WordPress blogs. The advantages of this plugin include HTTP security traits, Website Security Firewalls traits, locking of .hatccess file, database backup and logging elements, file and folder lock features, anti-spam features, simple installation and configuration.

4. iThemes Security

iThemes Security
iThemes Security plugin also recognized as Better WP Security, the iThemes Security approaches with numerous features and functions for helping the blog owners to stop the hackers from hacking their websites. While applying the pro-version of iThemes Security, you can get excellent security comprising of scanning and safeguarding from Malware, export and import setting, quick to install and construct, characteristics related to user action logging, and verification features for logging, etc.

5. Stealth Login Page

Stealth Login Page
Yet another progressive WordPress Security Plugin for your website that can ward off the hackers completely is the Stealth Login Page. The interesting features of Stealth Login Page include quick installation of this plugin, email notices towards admin features, custom authorization code setting, and put URL features for unsanctioned login attempts.

6. WordPress Simple Firewall

WordPress Simple Firewall
Though it is an uncomplicated security plugin, but WordPress Simple Firewall approaches with numerous purposes in order to safeguard your website from many malwares, viruses and hackings. This plugin has various advantages covering firewall protection, lock down features, safeness from Brute Force Login trials, and admin entry protection characteristics.

7. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security
Another security plugin for protecting your website is Wordfence Security when you can fend off hacking attempts and viruses very easily. It has the capability to scan your website swiftly and also remove the malware and viruses routinely. This plugin offers you few benefits such as signing-in from the mobile devices, schedule scanning traits, perceiving Live traffic on your website, obstructing particular IT and country, and many more features.

8. Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Limit Login Attempts Plugin
This is a very prominent WordPress Security Plugin for stopping the hackers from entering your WordPress website. Limit Login Attempts assist you to safeguard your website from unlimited login tryouts. The striking features involve lockout time on your login web pages, email notices, setting the limit time of login trials for a particular IP, and setting the login trials for a particular time.

9. Google Authenticator Security Plugin

Google Authenticator Security Plugin
With the assistance of this security plugin for your WordPress website, you are provided with 2-factor authentication procedure, thus utilizing Google Authenticator application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones on Gmail, Amazon or Lastpass. You can easily install this app and organize it firmly with the purpose of staying safe from the hacker’s invasion. At the time of login on your WP website, the 2-factor authentication process will be allowed to you while using this app. Your website will remain secure from the dirty hackers because the authentication codes keeps of altering.

10. Acunetix WP Security Plugin

Acunetix WP Security Plugin
The last suggested WordPress Security Plugin is Acunetix WP Security that arrives with various features and roles. It is a free WP security plugin that can be applied for maintaining your website safe and sound from the hackers. Acunetix Plugin’s features comprise of database security aspects, password protection aspects, and file permission structure.
Hence, you should ensure to maintain a suitable backup system for acquiring the backup of your entire important database, and also use any of the above security plugins to guard your websites from unnecessary hacking.

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